I recently had the opportunity to experience ozone therapy at Pure Ozone // Ozone Therapy Dallas. After 30 minutes in the ozone steam sauna I felt relaxed, lighter, and my skin looked clean and bright. I would continue coming back to Pure Ozone for skin renewal, weight loss, and detoxification.

Angela C.61 years old

I was first introduced to ozone over 20 years ago. In the last few years I started doing treatments again. Now I remember what I had been missing. I suffer from a diseased liver and doing the ozone with the steam is a great detox. My eyes become whiter and my skin feels incredibly soft. There is nothing like it. I feel clean inside and out!

Laurie H.59 years old

I had a wonderful experience at Pure Ozone. Alex provided me with excellent hospitality and the place was extremely clean. Ozone is a key body purification service that all can utilize. Being in the heart of Uptown her location will be convenient for all working or living downtown.

Karla N.39 years old